Learn to read hangul in a day*

To kick off our focus for the next three weeks on the Korean language in the Berkeley/Oakland landscape, in class this Wednesday (3/6) we’ll welcome Meehyei Lee, lecturer with UCB’s Korean Language Program. She’ll introduce us to the options for studying Korean on the Berkeley campus, and give us a short introduction to reading hangul, the Korean alphabetic script. Thank you for coming, Lee Sonsaengnim (이선생님).

If you’d like a head start with Korean hangul, here’s a downloadable handout with a few signs we’ll try reading in class; you can also check out this post I wrote on the Found in Translation blog a few years back.

A few other resources for studying Korean online are on the “CJK” page linked near the top of the page. We need to add more here…please write with your suggestions. Thanks very much…or, I mean, 감사합니다!

*If you were wondering if hangul can indeed be learned in a day, you might find many people online arguing both sides of this. What is clear is that when Korea’s King Sejong created the hangul script in the 1400s, he indicated that “even the fool can learn them in ten days.

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